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10:00 a.m. Worship Service

June 16, 2019

Scripture Reading: Gen 37:1-11 
Sermon – Joseph’s Dreams   

     6:00 p.m. Worship Service 

 Scripture: Mark 14:32-42
  Message:  Your Will Be Done

Note: time of service is 6:00 PM


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Abraham favored Isaac over Ishmael.  Isaac favored Esau over Jacob, but Jacob got the upper hand.  Now Jacob favors Joseph.  In each case the favoritism causes trouble.  Joseph’s brothers hate him because they know their father favors him.  God, it seems, doesn’t help Joseph’s case.  He enables Joseph to dream about a future where Joseph will rule over his brothers.  When he tells them of his dreams his brothers hate him all the more.  Joseph ends up being captured and sold as a slave.  He is brought into Egypt and after some success ends up in prison.  From there God elevates him to the highest place in Egypt second only to Pharaoh.  In this, his life points us to Jesus whose life and rule was predicted by prophets and dreamers, who was brought low and bound, who died and rose again to ascend to the right hand, not of Pharaoh, but of God the Father himself.  Those whom God favors should prepare to follow the same path.   
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